Sunday, April 10, 2011

Here We Go

Coachella 2011.....

If you don't know what Coachella is Google it! Anyways, I wasn't really planning on going to Coachella a few months ago. California is so far away and everything just seems to be at a different speed out there from what I've heard concerning music festivals, so it just helped my decision to make Bonnaroo my music festival destination this year. I tried talking some friends into buying tickets right when they went on sale afraid that Bonnaroo would have the same fast sell out that Coachella did. I believe Coachella sold out in 2 days. A few weeks ago I locked in my Bonnaroo ticket and was afraid I would have to go it alone, which at first was a little nervous about but came to the realization that I just couldn't miss it. I found a few people from the Des Moines area that offered me rides though a Bonnaroo fan forum.They all seemed like cool people so I took one of them up on the offer. (We will see how that goes here in June)  Riding with a complete stranger 14 hours to a music festival is exactly something my mom is against! She still thinks its a bad idea! I on the other hand am all about the unique adventure!

Back on topic here, I saw though my facebook that someone was giving away 2 free VIP passes to this years Coachella. The artist line-up was a good one and I was willing to throw my name in the running on the off chance that I won. Not really expecting to win at all, and just hoping for the best. Well Coachella is now 4 days away and Im frantically trying to find a way down there! I got an offer from a kid that lives in Minnesota, all his friends backed out on him and hes making the 30 plus hour trip alone. Canyon Lalama is his name just in case he chops me up to bits and fucks my corpse haha! He seems cool though, he is into video production stuff and from the work he has up on his website it all looks really good. You can check out some of his work here.  Im flying down to Phoenix on Thursday morning and he is going to pick me up from the airport and off to Coachella we shall go! Its only 4 hours outside or Phoenix in Indio, California. The fest starts on Friday and Im really excited to see what Coachella has to offer! Some of the acts im really looking forward to seeing are The Chemical Brothers, Kanye West, The Aquabats, and many more.. I just am too lazy to list them all.. The fest last until Sunday and I hope to throw up a few updates on the way down and during the fest. If im too fucked up though I most likely wont even bother, but that could make for some very fun blogs! Many pictures and videos will also be posted up! The fun starts in a few days! Im so excited and cant wait! The summer of fun is here! I plan on making this one of the most memorable summers of my life up to this point and hope you all can find some fun in reading this horribly written blog!

Peace Love n Ecstasy

I would like to thank Tosh for the idea of blogging about my crazy travels! I hope you enjoy!